Mayfield Boutique Now Open

In the words of Dr Frankenstein, “It’s alive”! Our beautiful, new Mayfield boutique is now open, and I couldn’t be happier with the space!

Some of you may have followed the updates on social media. In true “me” style, I chose the week that the Hunter Region was hit by an East coast low weather event to fit-out and move into the new space. Needless to say, I was damp for about 7 days straight. Things like painting walls took longer than expected, and organising the logistics of moving fittings, stock, getting materials delivered, etc was all kinds of fun (I’m using the sarcasm font, in case you didn’t notice!)

Special mention must go to my husband and Dad, who quite literally slaved alongside me so I could meet my self-imposed opening deadline. Real heroes don’t wear capes! Husbo painted like a boss, then contended with the unique walls (which, in my humble opinion, are incredibly atmospheric and create a beautifully vintage-inspired vibe) to get all the racks installed. Dad turned an oddly shaped triangular room into my new workspace for creating the Miskonduct Klothing in-house collection. He had his fair share of fun with the walls too.

The boutique features 12-foot ceilings, with stunning molded cornices, floor-to-ceiling glass frontage which lets in loads of natural light, and our customary luxe-feel fitting rooms complete with faux-fur floor rugs, velvet curtains, and embossed wallpaper; because why do things half-assed when you can use your full ass? 😉 We are also fully air-conditioned, so no matter what’s going on outside we’ll be perfectly temperate inside!

You may have already driven past the space. One of the reasons I chose this location is because of how easy it is to find! We’re on the main road through Mayfield, towards the east end, as you’re heading to Newcastle. Our new address is:

Miskonduct Klothing

51 Maitland Road


Our hours of operation are:

Tuesday to Friday




Sunday to Monday


Whilst working on fitting the space out, I was also madly ordering stock and making a couple of new pieces for the Miskonduct Klothing collection, so there’s loads of new goodies to tempt yourself with! I’m slowly getting them uploaded to the website, but let’s be honest; nothing quite tops coming in store, playing dress-ups, and finding your new favourite outfit!

I can’t wait to see all our lovely local customers in store. It will be fabulous to catch up with you all after such a long hiatus.

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New Store Opening mid-July!

I am so excited to announce that Miskonduct Klothing will be opening a new store in Mayfield, with a view to servicing the Greater Newcastle region for all their vintage inspired fashion requirements!

I’ve found a beautiful location in the east end of Mayfield that is perfect for sharing all the fabulousness (did I just make up a word?!) that Miskonduct Klothing has to offer. It’s also got some space for me to set up my studio, so I can continue to offer our in-house, limited-edition collection of exclusive Miskonduct Klothing designs.

For the next couple of weeks, it will be work, work, and more work while I get the shop fitted out to perfection and move the business from my home studio (aka the garage!) and into the new space. I aim to be open by mid-July and will absolutely be celebrating with a grand opening!! If you haven’t already, you should sign up to our email list so you don’t miss the invitation. Here’s the link. Oh, and make sure you’re following us on our socials!

Our new Morpeth location will continue as is. I have built a fantastic relationship with the team at Uniquely Collective, who created a beautiful collaboration of small businesses that have supported each other through some of the absolute worst times small business could endure. Miskonduct would, quite literally, not be here today without this collection of unique humans and businesses (hence the name!) I’d like to give a huge and heartfelt shout-out to Linda, the brains behind Uniquely Collective; as well as my amazing bestie Mel, who just about forced me to trial the concept. I haven’t looked back. She was right. There, I put it in writing!

To make life easy for you all, here’s the address for both our locations.

Morpeth Store – open now!

Miskonduct @ Uniquely Collective

5/142 Swan Street

Morpeth, NSW 2321

Mayfield Store – opening mid-July!

Miskonduct Klothing

51 Maitland Road

Mayfield, NSW 2304

Yeah, that’s right! Two locations!! Expanding Miskonduct Klothing was one of my goals when I first took over the business, five years ago. Several considerable obstacles have slowed me down, but they certainly haven’t stopped me. I can’t tell you what an achievement this is for me. The mantra “when nothing goes right, go left” has definitely helped me keep moving forward, even if it’s been in a bit of a zig-zag line sometimes!

Anyway, I have walls to paint! I’ll let you all know when the Mayfield store goes live. Can’t wait to catch up with you all!!

Until then….

Alice XX  

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Top 5 Tips to Perfect Your Vintage Look

Top 5 Tips to Perfect Your Vintage Look


We've curated our top 5 beauty tips to help you perfect your vintage inspired makeup look. These are all tried and tested so we know they work! 

Perfect Pout

Join the dots to create the perfect line for your lips. This technique takes the pressure out of creating one perfectly formed line by giving you smaller sections to work with.


Lipstick Free Teeth

Nothing quite ruins your look like a bit of rogue lippy on the teeth! This one is an oldie, but a goldie that works every single time. 

 Just Wing It

Getting those flicks just right isn't rocket science when you know this trick. Start with the wing and work your way into the corner of your eye. This way you're working with the wing shape you've created, not the one you lucked into! 

Brow Basics

You don't have to be blessed with full brows to create a shapely style. Simply create the shape you want and blend well. (Pro Tip: Make sure your brow pencil or pomade is the right shade for your brows and skin tone!)

Fake It 'til You Make It

False lashes can be too much drama to bother with if you don't know these two hacks. 

Step 1. Trim your falsies to the length of your lash line

Step 2. Wrap your falsies around a brow pencil or eyeshadow brush to help them curve to your eye shape more easily.

These tips should certainly have you well on your way to perfecting your pinup or retro look, however the best piece of advice we can give is the old adage "practice makes perfect". 

Add the finishing touches to your complete look with a vintage inspired hairstyle. Check out our blog 4 Vintage Hair Styles You Can Do Right Now

'til next time, 


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vintage tea cup

A Very Vintage High Tea

Our first ever Very Vintage High Tea was held earlier this week, on Wednesday in the oh-so-picturesque Courtyard on Regent St – right out the front of Miskonduct Klothing! We are a little bit spoiled with our beautiful view and couldn’t wait to take full advantage of this lovely setting.

Although the weather threatened to dampen our afternoon, we were so fortunate that it held out! Overcast skies and a refreshing breeze were extremely welcome after the hot days we’ve had recently.

Our afternoon started with a glass of bubbles and a chat with our guest of honour, Rebecca Skehan, creative genius behind Cherry Bomb Vintage Couture. Bec had brought along samples of the soon-to-be-launched Mae Noir Collection as well as her newest design, the La Rosa Lace Overlay Skirt. The pictures of these pieces just don’t do them justice! (and Cherry Bomb VC photography is always spectacular). The Mae leopard print fabric used for the Brigitte Dress has so much stretch and the quality is second to none. The solid black cotton sateen of the Veronica Pencil Dress is a super-luxe quality that pulls you in in all the right places.

What I’m loving about the new collection from Cherry Bomb Vintage Couture is the versatility of the pieces. Bec has worked to create a collection of pieces that can be mixed and matched. Essentially, you end up with a Cherry Bomb capsule wardrobe! (aka Heaven!!) The Veronica Pencil Dress is a stunning LBD all on its own. Teamed with the Audrey Bolero in Mae Noir you have a sharp twinset that could quite comfortable find its way into the boardroom, while the addition of the La Rosa Lace Overlay Skirt (pictured below with the Veronica Dress in Bombshell red) turns your frock into an instant cocktail winner. All pieces will be available to purchase as separates, so you can create your own unique Cherry Bomb inspired look. (We also think the La Rosa Skirt over capri pants would be a killer look!)

But I digress! After bubbly, our first course was presented. Delightfully tiny finger sandwiches and mini pinwheel wraps all with delicious gourmet fillings arrived, a trio of miniature quiches with the most delectable flavours, and freshly baked scones with all the trimmings. Food prepared by someone else always tastes better, and when it’s perfectly bite-sized it’s even better! Our mismatched vintage tea service was an absolute delight to enjoy endless cups of tea from. Some of our guests even chose their seat so their frock matched their cup. Adorable!

The second course brought more sweet treats, with gluten free cherry ripe inspired slice, miniature lemon meringue tarts and tiny caramel tarts. Seasonal fresh fruit with chocolate dipping sauce and a final cup of tea to cleanse the palate finished things off to perfection. Chaddies on Regent and The Blind Baker really outdid themselves! Everyone was so impressed with the quality of the food and the service was second-to-none.

We whiled away the afternoon indulging ourselves with “just one more piece”, because it looked “so lonely” on the tray (#excuses) Despite the variety of people who joined us, everyone got along famously. We talked holidays, kids, fashion, music, hair & makeup. All the big issues! Bec also shared the story behind her manufacturing team in Vietnam. An amazing and inspirational family business with a passion for workers rights, fair pay, and their orphanage. I will be dedicating another blog to this story soon.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I have no doubt all went home feeling relaxed. When the afternoon slowly came to an end, we said our goodbyes and I caught the phrase “see you at the next one” on more than one occasion!

So, I guess that settles it. We will most certainly be holding another Very Vintage High Tea. Dates are yet to be set, but I think we’ll do the next one on a weekend day which will allow those of you 9-5ers to join us next time! Make sure you’ve signed up to our email list so you don’t miss the invitation!

‘til next time,

Alice X

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Galentine’s Day – A feminist celebration of love and appreciation.

But what is Galentine’s Day? Well you may ask! I had no idea until the delightful sitcom “Parks & Recreation” came into my life either. (Side note: If you haven’t seen this show, do yourself a favour. It is the feel-good show of the century!) The lead character, Lesley Knope, is a motivated, determined, strong female role working in a government department – Parks & Recreation. She is passionate about her job, equality, and showing her friends how much they mean to her. A true icon in today’s landscape of image-focused “role models”.


But I digress….

Lesley Knope celebrates her closest gal pals once a year on “Galentine’s Day”, which falls on February 13th, a day before that other made-up holiday in which we celebrate romantic love. It’s all about showering your bestie (or besties! It’s hard to pick just one, am I right?!) with love and attention, showing her just how much she and her friendship means to you with meaningful gifts, events and champagne (obviously).

 Lesley Knope, despite being a fictional character, is someone that really resonates with us here at Miskonduct Klothing. She works hard to achieve her goals, she believes strongly in equality, she supports rather than competes with the sisterhood and she loves waffles!

So we decided this year to share Galentine’s Day with our beautiful customers and spread some serious girl-empowering love!

Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

  1. Breakfast Date

Get your besties together for an indulgent breakfast featuring All. The. Calories. (side note – calories don’t count on Galentine’s Day 😉)

  1. Beach Date

Hit the beach with your favourite gals and spend the day relaxing in the sun and surf. Don’t forget the sunscreen and keep it classy with a Beyond the Sea Swimwear swimsuit! 

  1. Cheese & Wine Date

There’s only one thing better than hanging with your bestie, and that’s hanging with your bestie while eating cheese and wine! Grab a bottle of your favourite drop, buy way more cheese than you’ll ever need and get amongst it.

  1. Pamper Party

Head to your beautician and book in some serious pampering time with your bestie. Mani, Pedi, Facial, whatever takes your fancy!

Is Galentine’s Day just for Gals?

In the show, Galentine's Day is explained as a day of ladies celebrating ladies. However, Lesley Knope, the grandmother of Galentine’s Day, is a feminist who believes in equality for all. Galentine’s Day is a celebration of friendship – those people who stick by your side through thick and thin – irrespective of romantic ties. It’s a day dedicated to showing the most important people in your life how much you care about them. In the age of inclusion, we think that Galentine's Day can (and should) extend beyond it's original description. If that person is your big brother, little sister, best mate from high school, your Mum or Dad, your pal from work who keeps your sane, whoever it is, it’s a day to celebrate with them.

Do I have to get a gift?

Of course not! But there’s nothing quite like the pleasant surprise of receiving an unexpected gift, so why not?!

To celebrate Galentine’s Day in all it’s cheesy, corny, pure goodness Miskonduct Klothing has an offer to help you spoil your best gal-pal! Our “but 1, get the 2nd one ½ price*” offer is pumping until Sunday 17th February 2019. PLUS, we’re also putting every person who places an order into the draw to win a Miskonduct Klothing Gift Voucher valued at $100**, because we want to shower our customers with love and appreciation too.

‘til next time,

Alice X

* ½ price applied to item of equal or lesser value

** Your email address will be recorded as your entry into the Gift Voucher draw. Winner of the $100 Gift Voucher will be drawn on Monday 18th February. Winner will be notified by email. Gift Voucher will be emailed to winner and can be used in store and online. Online orders will be automatically entered. In store orders will need to record their email address on the entry form.



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Exciting Times Ahead

Exciting Times Ahead

It’s that time of the year again, when everyone gets inspired by the “fresh start” vibes that January brings. Whether it’s decluttering your home (thanks Marie Kondo!), starting a new exercise program, or beginning a new job; everywhere you look New Year’s resolutions are in action! Well, Miskonduct Klothing has not escaped these sentiments and, boy do we have some fresh start news for you!!

But first, let’s reflect…..

It’s been one and a half years since I took over here at Miskonduct Klothing and despite the relatively short time it has been epic! With major construction upheaval in the city of Newcastle just 6 months into the gig, Miskonduct’s future was suddenly very tenuous. After another 6 months of working my butt off to keep this amazing business alive I made the decision to move to a shopping centre – cue the Westfield campaign! We committed to 3 months in Westfield, Kotara and very quickly decided to extended this by another 3 months. The increase in foot traffic and exposure for the Miskonduct brand was fantastic. We reconnected with so many customers who hadn’t seen us since Tighes Hill days as well as met dozens of new people who had never heard of us.

After 6 months at Westfield in a temporary capacity I was approached to discuss a permanent lease in the centre. After much discussion, negotiations, and everything else that goes on when committing to a contract of this magnitude I finally decided Westfield just isn’t the right place for Miskonduct Klothing. Working 60 hours a week to commit to the centre trading hours did not give me a good work/life balance, and the very corporate nature of a lease with Westfield is just not how I see myself doing business.

At this point I do want to make it very clear that working with the Westfield crew has not been horrible. Quite the opposite! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the Kotara team, every single one of whom has made me feel super welcome. Nothing is too much hassle for these guys and gals! The people I’ve got to know working at other stores have all been lovely, and (get ready for a small business truth bomb) the isolation that I have sometimes felt since becoming a small business owner has been far less since coming to Kotara. There is a real community feel here amongst the employees and I am really going to miss it!

…which has definitely influenced my decision on “where to now”.

Let me cast your mind back to that ‘fresh start’ comment I mentioned earlier. The decision to leave Westfield meant I also needed to decide if I was going back to Hunter St. The feedback from customers since our temporary move to Kotara has indicated that the Hunter St location is a bit of a hassle to get to. Personally, I’m not confident that Newcastle has recovered yet from the damage to visitation that the Light Rail Construction project has brought about. I’m also keenly aware of the rampant development going on in both the East and West End of Newcastle, which continues to disrupt the viability of small businesses. So, Miskonduct will not be moving back to our Hunter St home.

Tough decision out of the way, I am now super excited to announce that we have found our “forever home” (well, foreseeable future home) in the delightful suburb of New Lambton! From Monday 4th of February you can get your Miskonduct fix at New Lambton Village Courtyard on Regent St, New Lambton. The long-time home of Chaddies on Regent café, the Blind Baker bakery, and gift and homewares boutique The Wandering Peacock, as well as boutique womenswear store Papango.

The proximity to food and coffee is a definite bonus, and not only because I am a big fan of both! One of the things that has consistently come up when chatting with customers about the good ol’ days at Tighes Hill was how much everyone loved the mix of café and fashion. Now, I just don’t have another business venture in me right now (yep, even my seemingly endless energy can run low!) so discovering an empty boutique right next door to a café and overlooking a courtyard dining area is a pretty spectacular compromise, I think!

Not only this, but upon inspecting the property and indicating to the real estate agent that I would like to proceed with a lease, the owner of Chaddies (Jo) immediately popped out to our table and welcomed us! We then visited Karina at The Wandering Peacock and Kim and Sharon at Papango to let them know Miskonduct was coming to town. These delightful women instantly welcomed us, told us they were available if we had any questions at all and reassured us that the Courtyard was a great little spot for boutique businesses. Such a lovely little community that I cannot wait to spend more time with.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, I’d be ever so grateful if you could spread the news. As with every other massive decision I’ve made relating to this business it’s happening in a matter of days!! Miskonduct has had a lot of changes over the past 6 months and I am really keen to settle into the one spot and focus on bringing to you all the things you love about Miskonduct Klothing.

Stay tuned for more updates. We have some new labels we’ll be bringing into the mix this year, some you’ll definitely know and others you’ll be glad you get to know. But that is for another blog! For now, the important dates to remember are:

Sunday 27th January 2019 – Last day of trade at Westfield, Kotara

Monday 28th January 2019 – Alice gets a sleep-in!

Monday 4th February 2019 – Grand Opening at Regent St, New Lambton (Unless we’re ready sooner than that!)

Of course, website orders can still be placed and I will continue to process these as quick as possible. The pick up in store option will still be active on the website, but collection won’t be available until we open the doors at Regent St. Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions!


‘til next time,

Alice X

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We Have Moved (for a little while!)

We Have Moved (for a little while!)

Miskonduct Klothing has temporarily moved to Westfield Kotara. It's one of many changes we've had to make to survive the light rail construction in the city of Newcastle.
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Miskonduct Hits the Road!

Miskonduct Hits the Road!

We've got a stack of events and pop-up shops planned for the second half of the year. Check out what's in the pipelines and sign up to our email list for updates!
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Vintage Inspired Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Vintage Inspired Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Learn how to create your Winter vintage inspired capsule wardrobe and stay toasty this Winter while staying true to your vintage loving heart!
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4 Vintage Hairstyles You Can Do Right Now

4 Vintage Hairstyles You Can Do Right Now

The art of vintage hairstyling can take a long time to learn, and really the best advice I can give anyone starting out is that you just need to keep practicing.

However…..You want that look right now, don’t you?

With a few basic skills (and I mean a few) and the right tools you can turn out a vintage inspired hairstyle in as much time as it takes to make a coffee! 

I want to share with you my four favourite “beginner” styles, all of which are tried and tested, because I too was a beginner once (and still consider myself quite the novice despite several years of practice)!

The best thing about each of these styles is that they are as quick to do as they are easy. Even if you’re a seasoned vintage hair stylist I have no doubt you’ll still  appreciate these swift ‘dos.

Twist and Go

This one is my “go to” style when I am massively short on time and need a “done” look! All it takes is a pintail comb and a bobby pin. If you’ve got a few more minutes, grab a wide barrelled curling wand and loosely curl the ends of your hair for a bit of extra body and movement.



Style this look:

This is a really simple, yet polished hairstyle that would look great with the Riley Dress in black to create a vintage-esque, very office-appropriate look.

Victory is Yours!

Victory rolls – gah! Super hard, soooo time-consuming. Am I right? Maybe not? This tutorial by Rebecca, guest blogger at A Beautiful Mess, puts to bed once and for all the myth that victory rolls are impossible. The key with this swift and simple style is to embrace the mess and go with a relaxed style that looks all the better for the fly-aways and bits of hair that didn’t quite make it into the roll.

The trick to rolling your hair is to wrap the end of the section you want to roll around your first two fingers to create a loop. Pinch the loop between your fingers and start rolling towards your head. The direction can change depending on what style you’re creating, but for Victory Rolls you want to roll inwards towards the middle of your head so that the roll pops up on top of your head.

The best bit about this style is that you’ve just learned one of the staple skills for vintage styling. Knowing how to successfully roll your hair opens up a whole world of new styles!

Style this look

Victory Rolls are as vintage-hair as it gets. Style your look with any one of our Cherry Bomb Vintage Couture dresses for a knockout vintage look that will have you standing out from the crowd for all the right reasons. 

Beehive Cheat Sheet

I stumbled across this look a couple of years ago when I found Polish blogger Marlenka’s website. It’s so easy to do, I can whip it up in the bathroom just before opening the shop and you’d never know I’d walked in 5 minutes earlier with a mop of unkempt hair on my head! As with most vintage styles, it works best with unwashed hair.

You’ll Need:

  • Hairspray
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair elastic
  • Comb or brush

Loosely tease your hair, then scoop it up into a high ponytail, leaving the front section out for later. Secure with your hair elastic. Grab the end of your ponytail and start rolling it up, towards the top of your ponytail.

Secure the roll with bobby pins, then fan the roll out and secure the sides with bobby pins. You may also want to smooth the roll out a little so there’s no crazy fly-aways or lumps and bumps. Blast with hairspray for good measure. 

With the front section of hair you left out of the ponytail sweep it across to one side and tuck behind your ear. If you’re feeling adventurous, use your new-found victory roll skills and roll the front section of hair back into a swept-back barrel curl. Add a flower, or tie a bandana in your hair.

Style this look: 

A fit and flare frock is the perfect choice for such a sweet hairstyle. The Lana Dress, with it's scoop neckline, fitted bodice, and pleated full skirt will be just right!

Fringe Dweller

Technically, my final vintage hairstyle is actually 6. Yep, I can’t count, and you get a bonus round!

YouTube vlogger, Vintagious, takes you through 6 distinct styles, all focusing on different ways of working with the front section of your hair. Most of these you can do in about 1 minute! As she mentions in her video, it helps if you’ve already curled your hair as this gives you a bit more body to work with and also makes your hair a bit easier to manipulate. However, even if you haven’t done this these styles will work.

Like I mentioned earlier in this blog, unwashed hair is easiest to work with. If your hair is too soft and slippery throw on a bit of dry shampoo or some hairspray just to gunk it up a little bit and get a bit more control.

Style this look: 

Get your rockabilly on and style with the Kay Capri Pant in pink spot, an off-shoulder gypsy top and killer heels!

 All of these styles look great on their own. However, as you develop your vintage hair styling skills you can start to incorporate these elements into more elaborate styles. A well-styled 'do really does step up your vintage fashion game, so get some supplies, get yourself in front of a mirror and start practicing! 

I'd love to see your finished hairstyles so be sure to tag #miskonduct on Instagram or post your pics to our Facebook feed. 

If you have any tips or tricks you've learned we'd love to hear about them in the comments below, and don't forget to check out our blog Top 5 Tips to Perfect Your Vintage Look where we share our favourite makeup tips! 

'til next time, 

Alice X

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On the Road Again!

On the Road Again!

Miskonduct’s event calendar is filling up fast! In the next month we have three fabulous events that we’re involved in. It’s going to be crazy-busy but equally fun. Here’s the lowdown on here you can find us.

ChromeFest 2017

27th – 29th October 2017

The Entrance, Central Coast will be transformed once again into a retro-lovin' guy and gal's wonderland. With one of the biggest hotrod Show ‘n’ Shine’s in NSW (Australia? Quite possibly!) you’re guaranteed to get your fill of fabulous cars. They start rolling in on Friday, roll out for a cruise on Saturday afternoon and then the winners are announced on Sunday!

Flanking the hotrod display is a stack of retro and vintage inspired market stalls with some of the best selections of true vintage and reproduction items you can get your hands on. From 50’s memorabilia, car-enthusiast collectables and retro fashion there is something for everyone. You’ll also find a vast selection of food stalls to keep you well-fed and hydrated throughout the day.

Live entertainment is pumping all weekend long, with two outdoor stages devoted to bringing you the best of Rock n Roll from live acts such as The Rattlesnakes and Bad Luck Kitty, DJ Vinnie and DJ George Galea will be pumping all the classics and the one and only Si Cranstoun will be performing a special set on Sunday afternoon. You’ll also be treated to performances by Sydney’s Swing Katz plus the crowning of the 2017 Miss Pinup Doll Australia on Saturday. Miskonduct Klothing is a proud sponsor of Pinup Doll Australia, and we’ll be hosting a Meet n Greet with the Dolls on Sunday morning from 9.30am, so be sure to head in early on Sunday and visit us at our stall in the Plaza Markets.

All this entertainment is FREE, but if you still haven’t had enough retro revival fun you can book into any number of the ticketed events held at clubs and pubs in the area. The whole town really does get on board for this event.

Melbourne Cup Vintage Garden Party

Tuesday 7th November 2017

Hot on the heels of ChromeFest is our Melbourne Cup Fashion Show, held in conjunction with The Clarendon Hotel’s Vintage Garden Party. The perfect excuse to frock up and feel fabulous! Ticket price includes:

  • 2 hour Gourmet Canapé service
  • 3 hour drinks package featuring local legends Murray’s Beer and Andrew Peace Wines
  • Unlimited gelato from Mr Goaty – which includes the rather decadent sounding sparkling sorbet cocktail on arrival!
  • Live entertainment by Pete McCredie
  • Sweeps, lucky door prize and best-dressed prizes (including Fashions on the Field, sponsored by Miskonduct Klothing)
  • Vintage inspired fashion show featuring the latest collection from Miskonduct Klothing

Held in the outdoor beer garden, beautifully themed as a vintage-inspired garden party, it’s the perfect way to spend a Tuesday afternoon enjoying the atmosphere and the “race that stops a nation”!

Click here for tickets.

Sydney Rock n Roll & Alternative Markets

Sunday 26th November 2017

More than just a market, Sydney Rock n Roll & Alternative Markets are the perfect combination of music festival and markets. Held in Manning House at Sydney’s iconic Sydney University, market stalls fill three levels with live music upstairs at Manning Bar and DJ’s outside in the garden.  

You’ll find a vast selection of vintage collectables, vinyl, comics and memorabilia, as well as fashion representing just about every alternative sub-culture you can think of. From popular brands, to unique and handmade you’ll need all the time you can manage to take in what’s on offer!

Punters are encouraged to bring their vintage cars and bikes (contact the organizer in advance to book your car park ) and you can also book into the beginners’ dance class first thing in the morning (for a small fee).

(Newlight Photography Graham Hynds)

Then there’s the live music. Organiser, Tiffany Palmer, works tirelessly to create unique, fresh lineups for every market, but the Christmas Edition is nothing short of stellar. Sydney Punk Rock icons The Hard Ons share the stage with Rockabilly powerhouse Hanks Jalopy Demons and The Keiron McDonald Combo as well as Indie Rock influencer Kim Salmon. For a cover charge of less than $10 for the day that’s money well spent in my book! Plus, kids under 12 get free entry. That’s right folks, it’s a kid-friendly show!  A great opportunity to get the kids into some real music that encourages them to dance to their own tune. How good is that?

In addition to all of the above, we’ll keep the doors open at the Newcastle Boutique, so you can still pop in for your pretty-dress-fix any day of the week! Leah, Kate & I will be only too happy to help you.

‘til next time,

Alice X




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Travel Beyond the Sea......

With the weather finally starting to warm up ever so slightly I thought it was a good time to introduce you all to one of the newest suppliers her at Miskonduct Klothing. I think you’re all going to be very pleased to hear who it is too!

So, tell me? Do you ever feel like it would be easier to find a real unicorn than find a swimsuit that you felt good in? Your quest is over my friend, because Miskonduct Klothing has just become exclusive stockists for Beyond the Sea Swimwear in the Newcastle Region!

Beyond the Sea Swimwear is a boutique brand that was established in 2011 by Sydney-based designer Kylie Van Wanrooy, a pattern maker with over 20 years’ experience. Kylie started her beautiful swimwear label after her own fruitless search for functional swimwear that was also flattering to real body types. We sure are glad she did because now we get to showcase gorgeous swimwear that you can actually feel good in!

Swimwear designer Kylie Van Wanrooy


Kylie’s designs draw inspiration from the fashion of bygone eras when pinups had curves and swimwear left a little to the imagination. Her collection of swimwear is designed to give great support for curvaceous women, with clever design tricks to accentuate the bits you love, while downplaying the bits you’d rather forget about. She offers her designs in a variety of fun, stylish fabrics that you can really express yourself with, and she uses real sized women to model her designs!


From the super flattering high waisted Betty Boyleg Shorts to Tankini’s with built in underwire support and one pieces with carefully placed ruching and panelling, there is literally something to suit every body shape.  

Kylie uses only the best quality Lycra materials and each piece is fully lined, offering you comfort and support. All Beyond the Sea Swimwear pieces are proudly designed and made right here in Australia, so you’re not only supporting a local designer, but also a local industry. You can’t get much more home-grown than that!

Our Faves!

You just can’t go past the Ruby Rouched One Piece. The Garden Party print features blue roses against a turquoise green background which is just so pretty. The classic swimsuit cut is so flattering, with contoured cup for bust support and low rise cut at the hip to create a tasteful and comfortable swimsuit that gives you support and coverage where you need it. The rouched front panel creates a slimming effect at the waistline while the halter neckline gives a lovely full shape to the bust line.  Ruby is a lovely swimsuit that will look great sipping cocktails by the pool in a tropical island paradise, or just taking the kids for a dip at your local pool. (I know which location I’d prefer!)


For those of you that love to mix n match the Betty Boyleg is hard to ignore. The high waisted cut gives you coverage over your lower stomach, which if you’re anything like me rarely sees the light of day! The boyleg cut gives full coverage in the derriere and ruching along the side seams allows you to slightly lengthen or shorten as you feel with adorable bow ties at the end.


Betty Boyleg can be matched with any of the tanks (we love the leopard lounge one!) or bikini tops. Whatever suits your mood!


Coming soon!

Kylie is getting ready launch her Spring/Summer collection and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us. We did get a sneak peek at one new design and instantly fell in love! You’ll be seeing the Lolita bikini set in Checkmate print in store and online very soon.


The adorable Lolita bikini features a crop top style tankini top with contoured cup support and gathering in the centre of the bustline. Beyond the Sea Swimwear’s signature high waisted boyleg bottoms have been given a super feminine upgrade with the addition of lacy frills at the hip. You’re going to find so many reasons to get to the beach this summer with this unique swimsuit in your summer wardrobe.

The bit I love most about Beyond the Sea Swimwear’s collection is that all pieces are available as separates, which means you can mix and match your tops and bottoms to create a truly unique swimwear set that suits you perfectly.

You can view Miskonduct Klothing’s full collection of Beyond the Sea Swimwear here. Stay tuned for updates on when the Lolita Bikini hits our store!

‘til next time,

Alice X

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