Top 5 Tips to Perfect Your Vintage Look

Top 5 Tips to Perfect Your Vintage Look


We've curated our top 5 beauty tips to help you perfect your vintage inspired makeup look. These are all tried and tested so we know they work! 

Perfect Pout

Join the dots to create the perfect line for your lips. This technique takes the pressure out of creating one perfectly formed line by giving you smaller sections to work with.


Lipstick Free Teeth

Nothing quite ruins your look like a bit of rogue lippy on the teeth! This one is an oldie, but a goldie that works every single time. 

 Just Wing It

Getting those flicks just right isn't rocket science when you know this trick. Start with the wing and work your way into the corner of your eye. This way you're working with the wing shape you've created, not the one you lucked into! 

Brow Basics

You don't have to be blessed with full brows to create a shapely style. Simply create the shape you want and blend well. (Pro Tip: Make sure your brow pencil or pomade is the right shade for your brows and skin tone!)

Fake It 'til You Make It

False lashes can be too much drama to bother with if you don't know these two hacks. 

Step 1. Trim your falsies to the length of your lash line

Step 2. Wrap your falsies around a brow pencil or eyeshadow brush to help them curve to your eye shape more easily.

These tips should certainly have you well on your way to perfecting your pinup or retro look, however the best piece of advice we can give is the old adage "practice makes perfect". 

Add the finishing touches to your complete look with a vintage inspired hairstyle. Check out our blog 4 Vintage Hair Styles You Can Do Right Now

'til next time, 


Alice Turnbull

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