Mayfield Boutique Now Open

In the words of Dr Frankenstein, “It’s alive”! Our beautiful, new Mayfield boutique is now open, and I couldn’t be happier with the space!

Some of you may have followed the updates on social media. In true “me” style, I chose the week that the Hunter Region was hit by an East coast low weather event to fit-out and move into the new space. Needless to say, I was damp for about 7 days straight. Things like painting walls took longer than expected, and organising the logistics of moving fittings, stock, getting materials delivered, etc was all kinds of fun (I’m using the sarcasm font, in case you didn’t notice!)

Special mention must go to my husband and Dad, who quite literally slaved alongside me so I could meet my self-imposed opening deadline. Real heroes don’t wear capes! Husbo painted like a boss, then contended with the unique walls (which, in my humble opinion, are incredibly atmospheric and create a beautifully vintage-inspired vibe) to get all the racks installed. Dad turned an oddly shaped triangular room into my new workspace for creating the Miskonduct Klothing in-house collection. He had his fair share of fun with the walls too.

The boutique features 12-foot ceilings, with stunning molded cornices, floor-to-ceiling glass frontage which lets in loads of natural light, and our customary luxe-feel fitting rooms complete with faux-fur floor rugs, velvet curtains, and embossed wallpaper; because why do things half-assed when you can use your full ass? 😉 We are also fully air-conditioned, so no matter what’s going on outside we’ll be perfectly temperate inside!

You may have already driven past the space. One of the reasons I chose this location is because of how easy it is to find! We’re on the main road through Mayfield, towards the east end, as you’re heading to Newcastle. Our new address is:

Miskonduct Klothing

51 Maitland Road


Our hours of operation are:

Tuesday to Friday




Sunday to Monday


Whilst working on fitting the space out, I was also madly ordering stock and making a couple of new pieces for the Miskonduct Klothing collection, so there’s loads of new goodies to tempt yourself with! I’m slowly getting them uploaded to the website, but let’s be honest; nothing quite tops coming in store, playing dress-ups, and finding your new favourite outfit!

I can’t wait to see all our lovely local customers in store. It will be fabulous to catch up with you all after such a long hiatus.

Alice Turnbull

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