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Vintage style of the 1940s and 50s is now appearing amongst our fashion of today and becoming more popular, thanks to celebrities and current fashion trends. 


There was something very special about the way women presented themselves during the 1940's and 1950's. Women of those days were elegant, well presented and feminine. They had a very refined, put together look. 

The accompanying style of ladies hair and makeup always matched their outfit. Well groomed perfection was achieved with porcelain skin, bright red lipstick, and strong arched, yet well defined eyebrows.


We can now re-create these looks. There are many books, information on the internet and also an abundance of Youtube tutorials, offering step by step instructions on how to do your own hair and make-up. 


For the past 3 years MisKonduct Klothing has offered a styling service to their wonderful customers. Many hair and makeup workshops have been held to teach you the basics so you can recreate these styles for yourself at home.  

Whether you wish to look the part with victory rolls and pincurls, or waves and hairflowers, we are here to help you. To perfect those perfect wings and of course that sultry red pout. 


Classes are held on a Sunday afternoon and set into 2 parts, of course always with a glass of bubbles in hand (not me of course, thats not until afterwards). I like to take you through some basic hair styles helping you along the way. Showing you how you can easily achieve a basic pinup or vintage style for an everyday look.

After this we break for a bit, have some more bubbles and nibbles and lots of giggles, and the best part shopping! Who doesn't love to shop with their girlfriends. Especially when you have the boutique to yourself. 


For the second part it is makeup. Here I shall take you through the basics of an everyday 40s makeup. Yes we even go through the tips for the dreaded winged eyeliner. Everyone is always worried about this part. But really, every single person always leaves with perfect wings, and that sexy red pout. 


So whether you grab some girlfriends and come along have fun and giggles, leave looking spectacular then go out for dinner. Or come on your own, (we always look after you) you will be sure to leave having a fabulous time and making new friends with other like minded ladies.


For the rest of the year we have a few dates set aside ready for our next series of workshops. 

The next one shall be held on the 23rd August at 2.30pm. More details shall be posted on both Miskonduct Klothing and Style by Divine facebook and Instagram pages in the coming days. 

The other 2 shall be October 18th and December 6th (both to be confirmed). 

If you have been thinking about doing one of our workshops, please get in contact. Places are limited and always fill fast. You can either contact me via this page on any of my contact details or email or ring the shop on 49613909. 


 We hope to see you soon! xxx

Emma Hinchcliffe

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