Vintage Inspired Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Vintage Inspired Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Ah, Winter. Hello, my old nemesis!

As you can probably guess, I am not what you’d call a “Winter Person”. I know Winter People. I even live with one of them! My son sleeps with a fan on and the window open all year ‘round. He happily trots about in shorts and t-shirt. You know it’s particularly cold when he puts a hoodie on. Winter People just don’t feel the cold, or if they do they love it!

(Beautiful, but Brrrr......!)

I am not one of those people. As soon as the temperature drops I start to feel it and it’s just about impossible for me to warm up until Spring hits!

It’s not all doom and gloom though. I happen to love winter fashion, even if I can’t feel my toes for the entire season. Nothing quite beats that snuggly feeling of being properly rugged up.

I’m sure I’m not the only person with a heightened sensitivity to the cold, so I thought I’d put together a few of my tips for keeping toasty during Winter while still remaining true to your vintage heart.


Winter Essentials

The first step is putting together a bit of a capsule wardrobe of what I consider to be winter essentials. A capsule wardrobe is a selection of staple garments that can be worked in with seasonal styles – classic pieces that never lose their usefulness.  In keeping with the vintage vibe we love here at Miskonduct Klothing, these pieces all have a mid-century, retro element to them.   


A long-sleeved bolero cardigan is a must-have for your winter wardrobe. Boleros are great for adding a bit of extra warmth without losing the shape of your fit and flare dresses. 

Opaque tights

Nothing quite says Winter like a thick pair of opaque tights. Staple colours like black and navy are a must, but you can also get creative with colours and textures to create a really unique winter look. Paired with boots, this is about as toasty warm as you can get without putting on a pair of tracky dacks! 

Investing in a quality petticoat is essential if you’re going to rock a vintage inspired look. They give fullness and shape to your flared skirts, and the added bonus is that they give you extra layers to keep you warm through the cooler months! 

High Waisted Pants

Having a pants option in your winter vintage wardrobe opens up so many new outfit opportunities. Apart from the obvious fact that they cover your legs entirely, a high waisted pant is also a comfortable but still flattering, variation on the vintage look.

Long sleeved dress

For those occasions when only a dress will do. A long-sleeved frock in a quality fabric gives you something to wear to a winter wedding, race day or cocktail event. Style with a combination of the above suggestions to really stay snug! 


A skirt in a solid colour is a wardrobe basic any time of year. For a winter option you want heavier fabrics, or a really full skirt with lots of pleats to allow room for that petticoat underneath. 


Something versatile, but devastatingly attractive. A block colour that will go with lots of different colourways is a great starting point. Personally, I don’t think there’s such a thing as too many coats, but if you’re looking for starter-staples then keep it simple. 


Putting it all together...

Ok, so now you’ve got your winter capsule wardrobe under control the next step is to work them into your repertoire! Here are a few styling suggestions that show you how to incorporate these pieces into outfits for different occasions you may encounter this Winter.


Winter Work Days

Work days need something a little professional, but who doesn’t want to be comfy as well? It’s time for your high waisted pants to take centre stage! Style with a fitted top and add your bolero for extra warmth. Throw on a patterned scarf (lightweight fabric that can be worn indoors as well as outside) and a pair of heels to give a polished finish to your vintage inspired work look.

Try the look:

Featured here are the Charlie High Waisted Pants, Celine Top, Maggie Bolero and Spectator Heels with Paradiso Bag.


 Winter Wedding Wonderland

This may come as a surprise, but not everyone wants to get married in Spring! Sometimes an occasion that calls for something a bit special crops up in the cooler months. Here’s where your long-sleeved frock comes in handy. Something with sleeves that’s also made from a heavier fabric is just the thing for keeping warm. Style with opaque tights and heels. Add a shawl or capelet for another layer of warmth.  The added bonus? This look will tick all the boxes for Winter race days too. Just add a felt hat for the perfect “members only” look.

Try the look:

We've styled the Marianne Twinset with black opaque tights, our Smitten Heel and Annie Faux Fur Cape, both in black. 


Winter Weekender

Heading out for lunch? Drinks with the girls? Dinner with the family? Your winter skirt sure is going to come in handy! Style with a cute coloured cardigan, patterned tights and boots (ankle or knee-high, depending on what suits your shape) and your petticoat for extra warmth and a proper retro vibe. Add a splash of contrasting colour to brighten your look and enjoy your weekend!

Try the look:

Featured here is the Jackie Skirt with Wylie Cardigan. We've added the Basket Weave Tights in black, Emily Handbag in coral, and T-Strap Pump in black. You can always pop on your petticoat underneath for extra warmth with this look too! 


Never a dull moment!

What I love most about the winter vintage look is that it’s always vibrant and bright. There are so many fun patterns and awesome colours you can work into your wardrobe that it’s almost impossible to suffer from the winter blues!!

Now you have the basics for a vintage inspired winter wardrobe you can get creative with adding elements like hats and berets, scarves, different coats and gloves! Post your vintage inspired winter looks below and share your tried and true tips for staying warm this Winter.


‘til next time,

Alice X


Alice Turnbull


Alice Turnbull

Hey Sarah!
We sure are – I’m placing an order next week. I’ll shoot you an email when they’re in.

Alice Turnbull

Hi MissKonduct are you getting anymore of the Hell Bunny black Charlie High Waist pants in? Because I would buy a pair :)

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