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Brooches, a necessary accessory.

Brooches, a necessary accessory. Brooches are not worn as often today, but in the 1940s they were a necessary accessory for any outfit. Worn on a suit lapel, blouse or dress. Generally they were bright and colourful; this was of course to brighten up a dull drab outfit, as coloured fabric wasn’t as readily available then. Popular shapes were flowers or animals, and made of just about anything, such as plastics, Lucite or rhinestones for evening wear.

Literally anything that could be pinned on, was. I am fortunate enough to have been given originals, my mother’s that she wore in the 50s and even luckier to have my Nannas from the 30s. But I do have my fair share of quirky reproduction as well. These I wear on a daily basis, on scarves, blouses and have even pinned onto jumpers or my overalls. Occasionally I have pinned them into my hair.

Today brooches are starting to make a comeback, even in some of the mainstream shops. At MisKonduct we have  a quite a large range to choose from. The vintage reproduction range is made from coloured rhinestones, they are quite popular and authentic looking as well.

Some of these are able to be doubled as hair clips or added to a chain for a necklace. The coloured crystals give them that true vintage feel, some of the brooches are almost an authentic replica of marcasite or aurora borealis There is also the quirky Erstwilder collection. These are very popular for all age groups.

They are fun and colourful and are lovingly designed in Australia. Made from a resin, hand assembled and hand painted. Inspiration is taken from the vintage, retro, rockabilly and pinup scenes. Some of the ranges are limited edition, making them a collector’s piece. At an average price of $30 they are a perfect added accessory or even gift idea.

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